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Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)

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Dar es Salaam,
DATE: 1st October, 2013


The Online Course Registration System (Integrated in SARIS) 
for the 2013/2014 academic year will be open from 1st October 2013 to 30th November 2013. All students who plan to sit for 
MTT and AE/Special-AE/SUPP exams in this academic year should
first conduct an online course registration and pay Tuition Fee and all other direct costs as approved by the University Council and 

as per SARIS invoice printout.

The following are the procedures to guide you when performing online course registration:

1. Register ONLY for NEW Courses that you have never registered before.
2. Login in SARIS as usual through or by direct typing in any internet browser.
3. In your student account, click the link Course Register to select all courses
intended to do in this academic year. Note that student will be eligible to sit for MTT
and AE/Special-AE/SUPP exams for ONLY register courses. So, be careful when
selecting courses for registration.
4. After selecting all intended courses, the SARIS software shall generate invoice
printout with list of courses and their associated costs. Students are required to
print this invoice and effect the payment as follows:
a) For LOCAL STUDENTS: The Tuition fees, Registration, ID and Examination
fees for local students should be paid through NBC Bank, Corporate Branch
Account Number 011103002558 OR NMB, Bank House Account Number
b) For FOREIGN STUDENTS: The Tuition Fee, Registration, ID and Examination
fees for Foreign Students should be made through NBC Corporate Branch,
SWIFT CODE: NLCB TZTX, P. O. BOX 9062 DSM, Tanzania, Account Number
c) For POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS (All Programmes by Distance): The
payments should be done as follows:
Tuition Fee, Registration and ID: Pay through NBC Ltd Account Number
011101015604, Account Name: Research and Consultancy Account.
The Examination Fee: Pay through NBC Bank, Corporate Branch Account
Number 011103002558 OR NMB, Bank House Account Number 2011100105.
5. The Bank Slip received from the bank should consist of Student Name and
Registration Number and should be submitted to your respective Regional Centre (RC) so that you can be given an OUT receipt.
6. While the verification of payment is on the process, student shall wait a maximum of 1 week to receive confirmation of their payments from the Office of Directorate
of Finance and Accounts (DFA).
7. Successful student shall be given a “special randomly generated permission code” by the DRC for examination registration process whereby he or she shall be able to register for examinations and print Examination Hall Ticket (EHT).
8. Throughout the Registration Process, students are advised to observe the following:
a) Course Registration and Examination Registration are integrated so, theydepend to each other i.e. failure to do course registration implies you will not be able to register for examinations this academic year.
b) All required payments (Tuition Fee, Examinations Fees, etc) should be made within specified period to avoid last minute rush.
c) Make a decision on the number and courses you plan to undertake for this academic year before you start online registration.
d) It is possible to register for MTT and AE exams for ONLY registered courses.
e) Carefully follow the online instructions available in the system to avoid unanticipated results during registration as no excuse will be accepted for failure to follow the instructions.
f) Cheating is NOT POSSIBLE in anyway and its attempt may lead to irregularities and disciplinary actions.
9. All students queries related to online course registration should be directed through DRC.

10. Each selected course shall display the total cost of the course based on the course
units as follows:
a) A one unit course taken theoretically shall cost TShs. 60,000/= while a one unit
practical course shall cost TShs. 100,000/=. Similarly, you can calculate the fee
for a two and three unit course.
b) The following table shows a summary of a general fee structure per unit for all
courses based on the modes of learning in 2013/2014 academic year.
(i). A Theoretical course by distance mode 60,000/=
(ii). A Theoretical Course by Face to face 90,000/=
(iii). A Field Practice 100,000/=
(iv). A Teaching practice 100,000/=
(v). A Science Laboratory 100,000/=
(vi). A Project/Dissertation 100,000/=
11. Having registered for some courses, you are expected to pay the respective 50% of the total fees required by 30th November, 2013. Paying after that deadline means you will also pay in addition, the penalty for late payment of fees, i.e. TShs. 20,000/=.
12. The final installment of fees for this academic year must be paid by February 28th, 2014. Students paying fees after that will also have to pay the penalty for late payment, of TSh 20,000/=.
13. Apart from Tuition Fee, each MTT or AE/Special-AE/SUPP exam you wish to sit for shall cost an amount of TShs. 5,000/=. This Examination Fee should be paid during each examination sessions i.e. January/February session and May/June session.
14. The examination registration is based on the course units costs paid.
15. Students or the sponsor may negotiate to pay this amount by installments annually.

16. All students undertaking Postgraduate Programmes with which exams are under DES management are required to undertake Online Course Registration starting
this academic year 2013/2014. These programmes are: Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Law, MEd Apps, MSc Environmental Science,
MBA, MA (Social Work), LLM IT & T, MCED, MHRM, M.A (Dev.), M Dist Ed (CW),
M. Ed (Literature), etc.
17. The first installment (25% of Tuition Fee) of fees for this academic year must be
paid by November 30th, 2013 where you will be able to take Jan/Feb 2014 exams.
18. The second installment (50% of Tuition Fee) of fees for this academic year must
be paid by February 28th, 2014 where you will be allowed to take May/June 2014
19. The remaining 25% of the Tuition Fee will be covered when registering for
Dissertation before the same is sent to External Examiner.
20. Students paying fees after that will also have to pay the penalty for late payment, of
TSh 20,000/=.
21. Students or the sponsor may negotiate to pay this amount by installments annually.
NOTE: These Online Registration procedures apply also to Foreign Students.

Prof. E. T. Bisanda
DVC - Academic


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